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We help businesses
make better informed decisions through our advidory services.

Advisory Services

Over 3 years of
experience in Advisory.

We envisage being leaders in providing business advisory services that meet statutory requirements and other needs, while giving our clients up-to-date advice and information. In this way we can realistically help clients to realise their ideas and spur growth.

Risk and Advisory

HLC offers strategic expertise in identifying, evaluating, and managing multifaceted risks, spanning financial, operational, and regulatory domains. Leveraging technology and industry insights, this service equips businesses to navigate challenges, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions for sustained growth.

Forensic Accounting

HLC offers meticulous financial investigation and analysis. Trained experts uncover fraud, financial discrepancies, and misconduct, providing crucial insights for legal proceedings and informed decision-making. This service safeguards business integrity and financial transparency while mitigating risks.

Wealth Advisory

HLC offers personalized financial guidance to optimize wealth growth and preservation. Experts analyze assets, design tailored strategies, and provide investment insights, empowering clients to achieve their financial goals through informed decisions and comprehensive planning.

Our team of experts will guide you to make better informed decisions.

As a business owner you’re managing numerous tasks at any given time. From ensuring the health of your business to managing your team, operating a business is stressful. With never-ending business tasks, accounting and financial metrics are frequently ignored. Without proper quantitative accounting and financial data, making smart and informed business decisions is difficult. This frequently leads to business owners making rash decisions that negatively impact their bottom line.

What if there was an alternative? At Hackett Litt Consulting, our experienced advisors can handle your tax, accounting and auditing, while you focus on growing your business.

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Running a successful business in a foreign land
is always stressful, but HLC has made it very easy for us to run our
business without thinking of mundane tasks such
as tax compliance, payroll, etc

Foreign Agency for Foreign Service Providers Client since 2020

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